Dating piano by serial number

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Dating piano by serial number

If you open the top of a piano and look inside, you will often find one or more numbers in there, so don’t presume that you know which is the serial number, we can't always say what they all mean.Removable wooden parts of the case are often imprinted with a number, but this may only be the last 3 digits of the serial number, which is usually a long number, 5 or 6 digits.Also, in order to make long numbers easier to read, several readers have asked me to insert commas after the thousands, although these do not appear on the pianos.A growing number of websites offer apparently simple dating of pianos by their serial numbers.Some of the enquiries we receive don't even give the name of the piano, just numbers: numbers are not usually any use without a name, but many piano names are meaningless.

Sometimes, in an antique piano, the action makers’ name and number is the only clue to its identity, and the best guide to its date.Armed with over forty thousand images for reference, we can usually make a more objective assessment of the age from photos which show what the WHOLE piano looks like on the outside, unobscured by dogs, stools, vases etc..These estimates are not distracted or misled by numbers or other information.Remember that any handwritten information is probably not from the factory and could have been added at any time.Numbers preceded by a letter are not usually serial numbers.

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