Dating other girls while in a relationship

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Dating other girls while in a relationship

As a divorcee, I would hold off on getting married until you get to know yourself better and you know exactly what you want in your significant other.

Are you looking to date casually or to date to "find the one?

The biggest strain is by deployments or long separations, whatever they might be from.

I have noticed that people who have been married for awhile and then gotten into military, or if someone has been established in the military for awhile and then gotten married, their relationships tend to be better than someone who gets married right before or right out of basic training or similar circumstances.

Was overseas, got home and my house was empty, the car gone, bank accounts empty and the wife in another state to "visit her parents." Never saw anything I listed again. My dad was in the Army for 21 years and my parents made it through it.

To be honest, our problems went well beyond the Navy. Just don't make decisions based on feelings you have for someone else. Relationships come and go, but you're stuck with the military whether you like it or not. I've seen the good and bad through out my life with military relationships.

Unconsciously, the critic believes that his opinion is the only correct one.

I have severe trust issues when it comes to women, I will never pursue a relationship again as long as I'm in the military.

Some people make it work, but I'm way too cynical now.

So you cleaned out his bank account, destroyed his house and took all his belongings, and got knocked up by his best friend but asked him for child support?

(Nothing against Oooo Shiny Things, just making a point for OP). You may be sent on a hardship tour to Korea and not be able to bring your spouse with, or you may be stationed an hour from home.

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It has strengthened our relationship in so many ways.

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