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Radiocarbon dating places a 10,200 BP (Before Present) (8200 BCE) date consideration. Rogers in 1919 at site SDI-W-240 in Escondido, San Diego County, California (Rogers 1966).He assigned the Paleo-Indian designation of 'Scraper Makers' to the prehistoric producers of the complex, based on the common occurrence of unifacially flaked lithic (stone) tools at their sites. Harris Site (CA-SDI-149) in Rancho Santa Fe established that the site's San Dieguito component underlay its La Jolla component, at the base of the stratigraphic sequence (Warren 1966).Ready to spend a cool million dollars for an ocean view condo in La Jolla?A new ocean view penthouse in the brand new Muse condo building has just been listed for ,120,000.At the time the builder wanted to build on a prime location that is near the tip of the coastline point that would offer some of the best views in La Jolla.

The stylish unit offers three bedrooms, three full baths and a covered patio in close to 5,000 square feet. One special condo building located at 220 Coast Blvd offers a very select condos that sit above the beach front with white water coastline and direct ocean views.The building itself has been around for over 50 years and was built in 1959.Most researchers do not now use these subdivisions.Interpretations of the San Dieguito Complex have varied.

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In an initial synthesis, Rogers (1929) suggested that the Scraper Makers were the region's second inhabitants, following the people of the Shell Midden culture, later known as the La Jolla Complex, whose remains lie closer to the coast. Subsequent excavations at the Harris Site confirmed Rogers' main conclusions and obtained radiocarbon dates that placed the site's occupation as far back as 10,200 BP (8200 BCE) (Warren and True 1961; Warren 1967).