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It was in the vicinity of the city of Nag Hammadi that the Coptic texts of the Nag Hammadi library were discovered, buried in the dry sand of the red land near the edge of the black land.

From early days the Nag Hammadi region was known for a Christian presence. Mark brought the Christian gospel to Egypt when he arrived in Alexandria, in the Nile Delta, in the first century C. Christianity spread throughout Egypt and beyond, to Ethiopia and elsewhere in Africa, and Egyptian Christianity took a variety of forms and expressed itself with a variety of spiritualities: Jewish Christian, apocalyptic, Alexandrian, gnostic, Manichaean, monastic.

Muhammad Ali apparently also reflected upon stories of treasures hidden in the ground in that area of Egypt, and his love of gold overcame his fear of jinn.

He smashed the jar with his mattock, and indeed something golden flew out of the jar and disappeared into the air.

Muhammad Ali proceeded to take from the jar the codices that remained – the thirteen codices of the Nag Hammadi library.

(The one intact tractate from Codex XIII, Three Forms of First Thought, was stuffed inside the front cover of Codex VI.) He tore up some of the codices in an offer to share them with the other fellahin, but they declined his offer, and so he removed the turban he was wearing and wrapped the codices in it in order to carry the old books back home to al-Qasr.

The struggle to publish these ancient manuscripts has at times felt like an ancient story of Egyptian magic – filled with curses and drama.

Included in these discoveries are several gospels of Jesus’ life that never made it into the modern Christian Bible, as well as a treasury of some lost and esoteric wisdom.

Some of this diversity is evident in the Nag Hammadi library and the related texts discovered along the banks of the Nile River.We shall return to the act of blood vengeance soon.As Robinson has reconstructed the story, Muhammad Ali was riding his camel, with his brothers Khalifah Ali and Abu al-Magd and others, to the cliff on the edge of the red land.The red land extended beyond the reach of the water into the desert that surrounds Egypt.In mythological terms, the black land was the land of the god Osiris; the red land was the land of his hostile brother Seth.

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As Osiris and Seth were rivals in Egyptian mythology, so the black land, the rich, moist soil.

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