Dating my boos block mr dating

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Dating my boos block

This beautiful, 2¼"-thick reversible butcher block is manufactured in the USA from only the finest hard rock maple.Maple is naturally antibacterial, helping prevent cross-contamination.

I also choose the cream you are supposed to use to apply as a protector.

However, a good scrub under soapy warm water from time to time (take care to dry afterward) will remove stains and odor.

The other wonderful thing about end-grain boards is that you do not make as much damage with your knives.

It is silly to get an edge grain board and pay high $$ for something that is going to look all cut-up in a short while.

I love to cook and see that they always and constantly use this on the Food Network.

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After reading the review about cracking, and talking to other people who've used these boards, I was generous with the Boos Block Board Cream right away, letting a large amount soak in overnight before using the board at all. No more little boards that slide all over the place -- this anchor remains on the counter full-time, front and center, and is central to all kitchen prep.