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The Kids Race is held at Steel Stacks in historic south Bethlehem.

The Allentown Formation is a dolostone [Ca Mg(CO3)2] originally deposited as a limy mud and sand in warm, shallow seas that once covered all of the eastern United States during the Late Cambrian Period (515-500 Ma).

The stromatolites are numerous and range in size from Oolites are beds that contain ooids, sand-sized sphericles of carbonate (Fig. Ooids form when thin layers of carbonate mud adhear to a tiny particle such as a grain of silt or shell fragment, and grow by rolling and reworking by waves and tides.Shade is plentiful along the course, and the views change often.Fourteen small bridges add an accent to the unique course.Later, during burial and the movement of fluids, the limestone was transformed into dolostone [Ca Mg(CO)2].The age of the Allentown Formation, like all of the rocks in this stratigraphic column, is known from their fossils, the study of biostratigraphy, anchored by radiometric numeric ages on volcanic ash beds that occur at several places in the column.

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