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It’s often expected to fill someone else’s water glass along with your own and attentiveness becomes second nature at a young age.

You do this at dinner with friends and you do this at dinner with “un ami.” These small gestures really do make a difference when displays of thoughtfulness could mean a future partner that is attentive to another’s needs.

Something else I really admire is the Frenchman’s ability to show strength and masculinity inadvertently and to express emotion and sensitivity freely.

Many American women in their twenties can easily identify the type of man who cuddles with his muscle milk at night.

They aren’t afraid to own the fact they have emotional investment in you and care about you and your actions.

This sensitivity, paired along with their understated but not unnoticed social presence gives off a vibe of being quietly confident.

A French man appears self-confident enough in himself and his masculinity to not feel the need to speak so loudly, or act so assertively.

There is no need for tickets to the gun show or the basketball game because we feel their “strength” through the way they hold and respect themselves, as well as us.

I was so thrown off at this seemingly polished and thoughtful action that I didn’t quite know how to react.

I even momentarily thought it was weird and wondered if maybe he was obsessively neat.

(I have later found this to not be true when I saw his room.) France has truly kept up the tradition of chivalry.

It allows people to meet casually without the pressure of expressing what they want from that person right away.

He said if two people desire to be together, then you continue to see the other person.

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This overwhelming display of the US definition of masculinity is constantly thrown in your face.