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Dating antique brass bed

In the earlier 1800’s brass bed frames were all the rage.

Iron beds did not hold the prestige of their brass counterpart.

Sometimes an elaborate amount of scrolled brass that was integral to the overall design of the bed.

Little did the manufactures know at the time that iron bed frames would far exceed the popularity, value and collectability of the then more popular brass bed frames.

The worms would leave the human body during the egg laying part of their cycle, deposit the eggs on the head and footboards, after hatching the tiny worms would ballup and roll into contact with the body, reenter the body and began their cycle again.

The french first discovered this, and by 1860 were exporting almost 10,000 beds per week.

However, having a nice patina on these antique lamps also adds a great vintage look to your home's decor.After the war the worm infestation was eradicated and Brass beds were made again beginning only in the early 1970's, however there were tinkerers who were involved in refurbishing brass beds, necessary because virtually all the old brass beds were assembled with cold rolled hardware, which age hardens and crystalizes in less than 40 years, causing the screws that held the beds together to fail. There are no functioning antique brass beds older than 40 years, made by manufacturing companies.the study of materials science reveals this fact combined with patent archieves, and manufacturing company histories.however most brass beds are made with low concentrations of lead and have to be coated to keep them from turning black.Brass has as much as 40% lead, used in brass parts for the lamp industry.

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