Dating anniversary gifts for guys top 40 singles speed dating

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Dating anniversary gifts for guys

Put each date in one folder, seal it shut, and mark it with a month.Start the first date on your anniversary and continue going through these activities, one day a month until your next anniversary.If you are nature-lovers living in a city, summer outdoors lovers in a cold winter or just plain busy with work, bring the fun to your home with an indoor picnic. Lay out a blanket in your living room with wine and candles and collect or buy flower petals and leaves to spread around you.Bring your favorite picnic snacks (cheese, crackers, fruit, etc).

Create a Bride Box Boudoir Album that you can customize and design to make look exactly the way you want it.

If you struggle writing a sweet love letter, instead write an anniversary note with a romantic quote.

Photo Credit: Anne’s Cookbook To keep the romance going all year, create 12 creative and romantic date itinerary/ideas for the two of you.

Photo Credit: Lipstick Alley Start the day off right with a morning surprise…

sneak into his/her car in the morning before work and in the driver’s seat leave a joke book to get him/her through the work day, a favorite snack and a love letter.

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