Dating a non college graduate

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Dating a non college graduate

However, for young adults who had not completed high school, the employment rate in 2017 (57 percent) was not measurably different from the rate in 2010 but was lower than the rate in 2000 (64 percent).Visiting undergraduate students who are from other colleges or universities or community members who have completed one academic year of course work at a regionally accredited institution may be considered for Undergraduate Non-degree admission.The employment rate for young adults with some college (72 percent), which was, in turn, higher than the employment rate for those who had not completed high school (57 percent).

For example, the employment rate was highest for young adults with a bachelor's or higher degree (86 percent).Students who are in F/J visa status may not be eligible enroll in non-degree courses.Please review the Additional Information under the international student heading.Non-degree graduate students may enroll in a maximum of 10 undergraduate or graduate (100-799) credits per semester.Non-degree Graduate students are ineligible for financial aid.

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Only students that meet these requirements and agree to the University Honor Code will be admitted.