Dating a married gemini man

Posted by / 04-May-2020 13:59

They save up peeves and carry around a lot of verbal ammunition they'll throw at you all at once.

It can be quite disturbing when a normally carefree and charming Gemini gets angry and loud and when their temper flares, they can give a tongue lashing that's not soon forgotten.

It's not wise to talk back and escalate the argument.

A Gemini parent brings a sense of fun and humor into their children's lives.

They love reading to their kids, taking them to the movies or on trips here and there, and they are always ready to pique their child's curiosity and answer questions about anything and everything.

It's almost a certainty your life together will never be boring. At the center of any Gemini's personality is the need to circulate freely, gather new information by conversing with others, and then share what they've learned.

Ruled by the planet Mercury, they are intelligent, quick-witted, and curious. They're clever, adventurous, fun, and confident, but selfish and self-centered guys who seem never to grow up.

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