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Posted by / 22-Sep-2020 07:32

Costa Rica Ticas can make great girlfriends because they are not slutty and prefer a boyfriend over a fuck buddy.

The tough thing about finding a Peruvian girlfriend is that the hot ones in Lima will generally be party girls and the ones outside of Lima will be fugly.

If you can find a local girl you like, who does not do pay-for-play, get her out of the country as soon as possible (she’ll be glad to leave).

Alternatively, you can look around Miami – you’ll find some super hot ones there.

Read this post so you know where NOT to use this certain dating site: Note: I haven't mentioned El Salvador and Honduras because they are both too dangerous and I wouldn't recommend any guy visit.

But hey, at least the girls will be traditional and willing to get out of those shitholes to live in your country.

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