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The first thing I did was try to understand what the best model was for our needs.The first "bug" I found was my developer had chosen the wrong replication model.Our cloud-hosted data replication technology works with all Microsoft Dynamics systems and can be customized to fit your business needs.Data exchange can be managed centrally and monitored from anywhere at any time, either as a solely web-based service or as a hybrid service, with data stored and replicated locally but configured online.Database replication is primarily used in distributed DBMS environments where a single database is deployed, used and updated at several simultaneous locations.

It also removes any data redundancy, merging of two databases into one and updating slave databases with outdated or incomplete data.I can think of few realistic scenarios and test them out manually but it would be good to know if there are some resources/practices available which can enable us to think more exhaustively in this direction and eventually create something re-usable as well (read automation).I would list down based on my previous experience - Replication Test Effort using SQL Server. I am not aware of Postgress DB but there should be simlar jobs equivalent to jobs/monitors provided in sql server.“Implementation of Rapidi Replicator resulted in more efficient work routines and better overview about our business.It liberated valuable resources as we could avoid duplicated data entry. We could just continue concentrating on our core business.” This Rapidi Replicator solution is designed to help businesses manage their data across multiple Microsoft Dynamics AX databases, whether they are deployed locally or spread out across many international locations.

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Replicator ensures all your data is correct, current and secure.