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Comments america dating namibia

Namibia, found on the southwest coast of Africa, has it all: it’s beautiful, of course, but also filled with a seemingly endless list of things to do and see. I had the privilege of travelling on one of Helen’s Rock My Adventure tours around Africa, and it really was the perfect tour for me; it was a small group, it involved a lot of time outdoors, and it allowed us the chance to see some of Namibia’s most beautiful spots for photography.It’s perfect for those looking for adventure while also being a safe, clean, and friendly country. We travelled thousands of kilometres overland around the country, from Windhoek to Fish River Canyon to Soussevlei to Swakopmund to Etosha (and then some).I took some of the best photographs I’ve ever taken in my life in Namibia, hands down, and I’m not by any definition a professional photographer. In many places around the country, all you have to do is point your camera and you’ll find something beautiful.

I did struggle with the lighting a bit in Namibia; being such a dry country, there was often a lot of dust in the air, not to mention the harsh overhead sun.In fact, many tourist-driven cars did drive right over that bridge without knowing what lay beneath.-Make sure your camera has good settings for photographing low light and nighttime conditions for the Okaukuejo watering hole, and make sure to get there with plenty of time for sunset!Etosha is known for elephants, zebras, giraffes, and nearly all of the usual African safari suspects; if you’re especially lucky you’ll spot rhinos and lions while on safari in Etosha National Park.Hands down, the most magical spot to photograph Etosha is at the watering hole at Okaukuejo Rest Camp, which offers both campgrounds and lodges.

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This often made for very hazy skies, or, on the flip side, extreme shadows.