Chinese online dating scams

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Chinese online dating scams

The officer then says to the camera: “Take extra care when dating online and be aware of catfishing.” It has been widely shared on Chinese social media, with many people praising the officer’s makeover.“That police officer was really pushing the envelope,” one person wrote on Weibo.

When the government announces something like this, you have to ask who is the real target.Another said: “I hope he can do a make-up tutorial next.” Online romance scams have become a big problem in mainland China and Hong Kong, and the video is part of efforts to warn internet users to be wary when they meet people on the web.Police have seen a growing number of scammers posing as The report said it was easy to buy sets of more than 30,000 photos as well as short videos – all stolen from popular social media platforms – for as little as 1.1 yuan (16 US cents).The officer is then seen as a woman, wearing women’s clothes and make-up, playfully tucking “her” hair behind her ear and touching her lips.But when she puts her fists out like cat paws, a policeman comes along and handcuffs her.

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