Chat roulette cyber sex forum

Posted by / 15-Sep-2019 03:32

Chatroulette is a space that encourages exhibitionism and behaviour that has been condemned within the “offline” social spaces.

Whether its people acting out sexual fantasies or playing an instrument, the forum provides a wide platform for people to enact the roles of exhibitionists or in the case of the observer; as voyeurists.

Chatroulette existing as a platform for sexual social networking would perhaps suggest a space for people to act out their secret desires, following Freud’s pleasure principle and the Id.

At the end of the process there is the Superego which ultimately acknowledges the rules and standards considered acceptable by the individuals’ surroundings.

The Superego is also what allows one to recognise the consequences leading to guilt and punishment as well as rewards.

Chun highlights the relationship between our sexual desires and our online presence; we seek contact online looking to satisfy needs.

The great deal of exhibitionism that is carried out through Chatroulette could be suggested as a reflection of peoples suppressed sexual desires.

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Sexual exposure or perhaps even exhibitionism is very commonly seen on this site.