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We’re starting to work on the process of going to bed and waking up at certain times.With the help of our Little Hippo Mella children’s clock, my kids are starting to learn when it is okay to get up by looking at the color on their clock. I used the picture ledge shelves from Target to create a little reading corner.His Creative QT stuff n’ sit functions as not only a place to sit while reading but also a place to store all of his stuffed animals.Months and months ago I had come across a photo on Pinterest repurposing lockers as storage in a boy’s room.

Keeping with the theme of part 3, I’m going to stay upstairs and show you our little guy’s room. In the few months prior to moving here, I had just switched Camden’s room with the craft room (which was our fourth bedroom).Then I found items that matched all of his interests. Now I can swap them out over time and as his interests change – though I don’t foresee him being over dinosaurs anytime soon. His teepee from Cozy Culture sits in the corner with a round rug and lots of pillows for hiding.Above his bed I hung three of these cute animal heads that the Pillowfort brand makes (and Target carries) with this cute banner.

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Just like in Lily’s room, I chose to have a map made of the stars on the day he was born with a quote.

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