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A universal time scale, also known as Greenwich Mean Time or Universal Coordinated Time (UTC), is based on the mean angle of rotation of the earth about its axis in relation to the sun.It is referenced to the prime meridian that passes through Greenwich, England.

This information is encoded by controlling the width of the 1-second subcarrier pulses. Also contained in the BCD signals are UTl data which provides a correction for periodic variations in the speed of rotation of the earth and normal/daylight saving time data.

A time difference correction is provided to a digital-to-analog converter which provides an appropriate voltage to a varactor diode in a crystal oscillator circuit for adjusting the microprocessor's operating frequency until it can no longer resolve a difference between the received RF timing signals and its internal timer.

This permits highly accurate clock operation in between the periodic reference time updates and eliminates cumulative time error.

If you ordered a card with a My PRESTO Account from the PRESTO website, you'll need to activate it before you ride. Activate your card online or by calling PRESTO at 1-877-378-6123 and following the automated instructions.

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The clock automatically scans several frequencies at which the coded RF timing signals are transmitted, selecting the strongest received signal for synchronization therewith and causes a capture LED to be illuminated upon detection of a sufficiently strong signal at the beginning of a minute tone at one of the received frequencies.

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