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Nevertheless, with an essay Dr Belbin modestly describes as “high-grade waffle”, he went up to study Classics at Clare College, Cambridge.

After a couple of years, Meredith began to tire of his subject, viewing an impending career as a classics teacher as a rather unpalatable option.

Ever since, Belbin Associates has gone from strength to strength, with distributors spreading the Team Role message to individuals and organisations all over the world.

The book was later named as one of the top fifty management books of all time.

Meredith worked for ICI Paints and Cadbury’s Schweppes, reporting on how well individuals might be suited to a particular job, for the purposes of recruitment and selection.

Meredith found that many suffered from low self-esteem but, once they found a niche, derived great satisfaction from making contribution at work.

He persuaded companies to take on individuals for free “work experience”, pioneering a concept which is now commonplace.

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