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In this peculiar relationship, Virgo and Aquarius can bond together due to their mutual love for concepts and ideas that they share.Both signs lack the passionate and emotional depth that is present in most strong bonds, however, Aquarius and Virgo compatibility can be built upon many other traits that they share.Aquarius might get easily offended by their Virgo partner criticism, who are oblivious to their partner annoyance.The rational natures of Virgo and Aquarius might become one of the strongest links between the two partners.Neither will hurt the other for the sake of it, and they will try hard to get to grips with their elusive relationship.

This is alien to methodical Virgo, who likes to have not only a Plan A, but plans B and C as back up.

As it stands, earth and air in this relationship are likely to create a sandstorm which could blind both partners to their true potential rather than carry them to the heights of joy they both seek.

So near, yet so far: perhaps the true lesson of Aquarius and Virgo compatibility is that shared ideals are not always enough.

For Virgo and Aquarius compatibility, this difference in approach can cause a lot of friction in daily life, and without the passion and sexual chemistry to draw them back together, it’s easy for this couple to drift apart. Remember that sun sign compatibility is only ever a guide; if you have specific questions about Virgo and Aquarius compatibility ask them here, or invest in an Astromatcha star sign compatibility report for a fuller picture.

At their best, this couple will enjoy one another greatly on an intellectual level, and there are some things they can learn from each other.

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Mercury rules Virgo, it imposes a mutable quality to this sign.

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