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Because we still view chastity as so important, as such a paragon of virtue, that even an encounter that stops short of violating it can be viewed as an outrage. By her own account she was excited about being on a date with Ansari and went pretty far with him voluntarily — at least initially.

But when the notion of sex was introduced, she got scared because she’s been raised in a society that places distinctive value on female chastity.

Because if she becomes pregnant through that act, she now faces nine months of gestation and, in our society, at least eighteen years of personal responsibility for that child.

Today it’s the opposite: I’m excited about every woman I meet because I’m not relying on SOD for my social life (I choose them rather than the other way around) — and my love life is fun and exciting.To put it bluntly: women are inclined to be picky when it comes to relationships.Men, as we know, will mate with the highest value woman who will have him — which sometimes means the only girl in the bar. And it makes sense from an evolutionary standpoint, as a woman is making — at least symbolically and instinctually — an incredible investment/risk when she has sex with a man.For some it borders on seeming damn near impossible. Marriage has become a voluntary act done more for status and security than true love and commitment; it is no longer a permanent bond, but a contract that can be broken at anytime for whatever reason, no matter how arbitrary. In sum, our society is returning to a primitive state regarding sexuality: there are no true rules as long as both parties consent.Hypergamy Women are naturally hypergamous when it comes to sexuality (Men are naturally polygamous, but here’s why that doesn’t really matter). It means that women will ONLY mate with the highest value male to which she has access, and furthermore, that if a higher value male becomes accessible, it’s possible or even likely that she will leave her current partner for him.

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Again, consent matters, and no woman — indeed no person — should ever be forced to have sex against their will.

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