Alexandra chando and christian alexander dating

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Alexandra chando and christian alexander dating

So what's coming up for Ethan in the second half of Season 2?

And is he ever going to pick a twin and stick with her?

And I guess it's up to the audience, but to me when I'm looking at it and when I'm shooting it, he treats them differently. you would need like a pie graph to keep up with it, but they've all got their own opinions. We're always asking our producer and the writing staff — it's just something different for us to shoot. Honestly, we have an amazing character who dies and the realistic affect is that it's going to completely change people's personalities. you know, from an actor's point of view, it's going to change our reaction to the remaining time on the show.

You'll see him react a little bit differently when he's alone with Sutton at this point than he did last season when he and Emma were together. I think he's into one more than the other and that's kind of how I tried to play it. Some people are really into Ethan and Emma getting back together. And there's a lot of people that like what's going on with this sweet little relationship with Thayer (Christian Alexander) and Emma. We're always doing these melodramatic scenes with all these girls, but when Ryan and I get together we get to do stuff on our bikes and it's really fun. We know there's a death coming up later this season. When someone dies the dynamic changes between a lot of people, so that will be fun to watch.

After Sutton inexplicably fails to return to the girls’ designated meeting place, Emma must decide whether to come clean about her identity and risk her own safety in the hope of uncovering her twin sister’s whereabouts, along with the truth about why they were separated in the first place.Ethan seems to be totally into Sutton now, but are there still lingering feelings for Emma?I feel like he has different feelings and different attractions towards each of the twins. [laughs]Are we going to get to see more of Ethan and Jordan's motorcycle bromance? They didn't get too much into that stuff for the rest of what we've shot this season, but it's funny you mention it because me and Ryan Rottman are always asking for that!I think if I were involved in such a situation…it's so twisted.I really think the dude just needs to leave them alone and maybe ask out a nice, simple pretty cheerleader and just date her for awhile. He's, I think, actually in love with one of them so that makes things a little more complicated.

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Separated under mysterious circumstances, Sutton was adopted by the wealthy Mercer family in Phoenix, while Emma grew up in the foster system.