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What did this experience teach you about making friends as an adult?Don’t be embarrassed about seeming “desperate” when trying to establish a relationship with someone new.How did you make your most recent genuine adult friend?I had recently moved back to the city I grew up in (London) and started a new job.And a dozen more friendly friends, who might not get a wedding invite, but whom I could call for happy hour.What efforts did you put in to help the friendship take root?

I switched to a new gym a year ago after moving, and in the year since, I’ve made approximately half a dozen new GOOD friends.

I would regularly text her to meet up and get drinks.

Or tell her about different events happening that I thought she would be interested in. We try to see each other every two weeks or so in person, and in between we email interesting articles or designers and artists that look cool.

Initiating the first out-of-gym hang was scary, but I could tell we were all edging around the idea.

Once we eventually initiated plans, it was easy after that. Since we see each other at the gym five or six days a week, it’s really easy to keep in touch.

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My mother is almost 70 and made some of her closest friends in the last 10 years, so I know it can happen at all stages of life.